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Full Version: Pre-war Tuning Signals
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As far as I can gather, there were three pre-war tuning signals used. They are depicted here. One is taken from the F2-layer reception of BBC Television in New York in 1938 and may be a mirror off-screen image. An accompanying diagram attempts to make sense of it. 

Is it known in which order they appeared or whether more than one was used at a time?

Hi Steve,

The first one was certainly in use for publication in TV&SWW May 1938.


and in March 1938


This one appears in August 1939 Wireless World.


Going Live! used to start with a mocked up Tuning Signal based on the one with the cubes.
I would guess that No4 is older than No1 just because it looks less sophisticated.

Thanks. So it appears there could have been four!

I understand that no 'test cards' as such were used pre-war. I'm happy to be corrected.

I continue to be astonished that BBC TV carried across the Atlantic in 1938. Presumably a sunspot maximum and F2 layer reflection. Not just carried across but actually received and captured on film.
Yes. See it at Four Minutes of BBC TV from 1938 - YouTube

I also used to have an accompanying sound recording of the 41.5 Mc/s transmission that can only have been given me by Andy Emmerson. This might have been on a compact cassette that would have perished in 2015 when a drawer full of them was summarily thrown out. Or it might just be on a VHS videocassette somewhere within my large collection of them. I'll go through these sometime!

On it, Jasmine Bligh can be heard making an announcement. When her mic is faded up there's mains hum.  A truly fascinating recording.

This freak reception was mentioned in Television & Short-wave World (attached). There may be a more prominent feature on this elsewhere (?).
You can get details of the receiver and the giant aerial system here.

Ah! So this was a well organised effort - and in 1937, not 1938. I note also, in the Jan. '37 issue of TSWW that reception was reported in Cape Town, South Africa.

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