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Full Version: Richard Allan Speaker
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Hi All
I've been working on a 1960s guitar amp refurb (Shaftesbury 519) which has its originalĀ Richard Allan 10 gold speaker. Its 3 ohm and I assume that it must have originally been designed for use in radios. Does anyone have any information about these speakers and what would I expect in terms of 'loudness' driven by a EL84/ECC83 combination (assume about 4 to 5 watts). At present, by comparison to some of the modern low wattage valve amps I have e..g Marshall Class 5 (again EL84/ECC3 combination), this amp appears to have a very low power output. The class 5 is almost too powerful for home use even though its only 5 watts (I am aware thatĀ on a log scale its only half the output of a 50 watt amp by comparison)

Best Regards
I have an Richard Allen 12" speaker (4260 3 Ohm) that I fitted to a 1930 DYNOLA Speaker Cabinet .I also when looking for some info on the speakers and found nothing. hopefully some one out there will have a catalogue