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Full Version: Fruit machine mechanism
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When I was about 14 or 15, almost 50 years ago, I built a sort of fruit machine. It got used at school fetes and collected for charity at home.

You put 2p in the slot, then turned a handle (old door handle!) which started it running. All the logic was GPO 3000 and GPO 600 relays along with 3 uniselectors for the 3 "reels" which were nixie tubes. There might have been a few transistors and diodes. ISTR most of the bits came from Proops in Tottenham Court Road. I found the sole surviving fragment this afternoon while clearing out an old cupboard. This was the paying out mechanism.  See picture. I reckon it would still work, with a pile of 2p coins in the tube. The solenoid was mains voltage and a bit too powerful. It needed a step down transformer or ballast resistor.

The whole thing made quite a racket, what with the uniselectors whizzing round and hefty thumps from the coin mechanism if you won.

I don't think any photos of the whole thing survive but I've an inkling that some circuit sketches might. I'll find them when I'm not looking for them!