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Full Version: Sony TV9-90 CRT in a Bush TV22
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I recently scrapped a very poor condition Sony TV9-90UB but kept all the decent parts. I kept the tube but never actually got round to testing it on the CRT Tester.
I had a rather daft idea to try it on my project TV22 that has a BRC 950 Jellypot LOPT, Flywheel sync, Cathode follower video amp with full DC coupling from detector to tube and EHT stabilisation.
I just cobbled it all up and I got this result. Amazing result, far better than I thought possible. I think it will be a permanent fixture.
I still don't see those 2.5 MHz bars as on the Sony 9-90.

I still don't see those 2.5 MHz bars as  on the Sony 9-90.

Don't worry Peter, youll see them once I've got it all properly done. They were there on the radar tube, its just a cobble up at the mo.
Now roughly fitted into the chassis,  will need to make a more permanent mounting, also needs some S correction,  looks very good so far.
Hi Trevor,
who'd believe it? A rectangular tube in a Bush TV22, and a Japanese one at that!
What an amazing result. I remember you said you were threatening to do it and the outcome is excellent. But watch out the Bush purists will be after you.

Geordie McBoyne.
Oh no!!!!!
The shed is double padlocked and the security camera on as well.
Should I buy a Doberman?
To get full scan on the 950 Lopt I connected the coils to the 405 & 625 tags this is a very low impedance winding and seems to match the 9-90 coils with only a slight increase of width on the left, on 405 the line timebase requires 110v HT to the lopt, 180 & 240 only require 75 & 82v for the same width and EHT of 8.5kv. So as can be seen the efficiency is actually greater than with the old TV22 scan coils.
On 405 lines the picture is stunning, very bright and good focus even on peak white. Far superior than in a TV9-90. A brilliant mod and so easy to do.
I intend to try 625 & 819 lines as well.
This is Trevor's TV R&D lab. Either that or a true frankenset is in the makingSmile

There are a few photos of TV receiver design labs. ISTR one of the Thorn 2000, with a chassis festooned with cables, lab PSUs and loads of other stuff. But has anyone written of their experience in such a lab, about what it's really like to be developing a new TV design?
Here is a short video.
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