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Full Version: Sony Vaio PCG- F801
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Circa 1995, Originally had Win ME installed, I still have the original CD.

Sometime in the past I have installed a cut down version of XP.

The weight saver battery is still fully operative.

Screen is very bright 800x600 31cm diagonal.

Rubber feet have turned to the usual goo.

In reality, it is far too slow to be any use, just curio value.
I think it's a bit newer than that, as Windows ME came out in 2000...

It's in nice condition Thumbs_up
Lack of memory is probably its biggest problem, assuming it hasn't been upgraded from the original 64MB.

— Joe
@ Mark You are correct, obvious by the name.

Another snr. moment strikes again.

@Joe also forgot to mention, the memory has been upped to a massive 128MB.
I realise that this is an old post but couldn't resist a comment. I have a soft spot for these older laptops not least as the build quality in many seems so good. They have a solid and robust quality which I find quite appealing. Don't dismiss this old kit as unusable. I am replying to this on a Panasonic cf27 Toughbook which has very modest specifications (Pentium M at 266 Mhz with 256Mb ram and it is perfectly adequate for word processing and simple browsing on wifi no less. The answer is Linux. in my case I'm using Slitaz which is a 30Mb download.
In fact trying to get the best out of it is a hobby in itself. I don't necessarily recommend it as you can spend an awful lot of time trying to achieve something that you can do anyway. But then you could just buy a DAB radio and give up this valve lark.
Saying that, it's older laptops like this that still retain proper series and parallel ports, which is bloody handy when programming old kit like satellite boxes, hand held gps and other kit that will not work with a USB translator. I still have an XP based Toshiba laptop that runs Diablo software to program CAM cards, because it's relaible in operation and does the job correctly.