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Before joining our forum, please read our rules. Our rules are few and simple; we aim to provide a relaxed and informal place for like-minded people to exchange information and build friendships, and we trust our members to help us achieve this goal.

  1. Play nicely:
    At all times, please be polite, courteous and tolerant, remembering that everyone has different skills and experiences. Please be especially welcoming to our less experienced members. When using humour, try to ensure that everyone realises this with the appropriate use of language and/or emoticons - it's very easy to misinterpret plain text. If you are angered by a post, count to 10, then consider talking to a moderator.
  2. Watch your language:
    Absolutely no swearing please - this forum is available to anyone with an internet connection! Also, no TXT-SPEK - please try to use decent English and grammar. That said, we aren't the Grammar-Police, so please don't correct other forum members who make the occasional transgression. Please bear in mind that some people may have Dyslexia, or perhaps English isn't their first language.
  3. Permitted topics:
    Discussion of a very wide range of topics is encouraged here, but certain subjects are very much "off topic": for example, politics, religion and racism are strictly not allowed.
  4. Other sites:
    Links to other sites, including eBay and other vintage radio forums are allowed, provided they are relevant to the topic of discussion, but don't write anything that could cause any upset; remember that these forums are visible to anyone with an internet connection. Promotion of other websites is generally discouraged, although you are allowed to enter a link to your website in your profile.
  5. Safety first:
    When considering the information found in the forums, please remember that essential safety information may be omitted. Also, the information supplied has not been checked for accuracy. Electrical and electronic equipment can contain very high voltages that can cause serious loss or injury, or even death. If in any doubt, please verify the information and your planned course of action with a qualified third party. And, read the disclaimer.

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15th October, 2011