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Electrical and electronic equipment can use dangerous voltages, and great care must be taken when working on such equipment. Vintage equipment in particular may be especially hazardous because safety regulations applicable at the time of manufacture could be very different to present-day standards.

Servicing electrical and electronic equipment requires a high standard of competence. When working on electrical or electronic equipment, there is a very real possibility of serious loss or injury, or even death. Such equipment can continue to present an electrical hazard for some time after being switched off. Some equipment can contain hazardous substances, and television sets can represent an implosion hazard.

Information found on the forum has been submitted by forum members, and has not been checked or verified. Advice given might omit essential safety information - perhaps for brevity, or perhaps because a certain level of competence has been assumed. Please seek further advice and clarification from a competent third person if there is any doubt about the reliability or interpretation of the information.

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13 October, 2011